Monday, July 27, 2009

Nebraska. . .The Good Life

We've been riding across the (mostly) flat prairie for a week now and for the most part, it has been the good life! People have been so kind to us-we've recieved food, money, and help from the locals, and nearly everyone is eager to talk to us about our trip. We've also enjoyed some great free campsites in town parks, what a good idea!
We're giving back to Nebraska by way of blood donation, to Nebraskan mosquitos, that is! Insects are abundant here; by day we try not to run down too many of the massive grasshoppers that line the roads and by night we race to get our tents up so that we can hide from the clouds of mosquitoes.

We haven't seen any tornadoes yet, but we met up with a beautiful but powerful thunderhead one evening. The wind was strong enough to keep us off our bikes for a while, but the churning clouds and intense rainbows were worth it.

We passed through Funk! *Insert cheesy song here*

Apparently when the temperature gets super-hot, roads explode! This was news to us but the clean-up crew had a business-as-usual attitude about it. We're imagining what it would feel like to have an explosion under your bike.

The roads have been straight and rolling all the way across the state. After the Rocky mountains this stuff is a treat. Our daily mileage keeps on climbing!


  1. That grass hopper is nightmare material! The other photos are great.

  2. Hi ladies! I have been receiving maps (Ohio and Pennsylvania) which I am assuming are yours. (My mail is a lot more reliable if you use my apt. number - 509.) When should I expect you guys? Any time is fine, of course; I'm just wondering. Drop me an email or call to let me know, and I'll see you soon! Be safe!

    Hannah (Ingalls)

  3. I was wondering if you all were recording any video along the way? In a perfect world you'd have a film crew to follow along and turn all the footage into an awesome biking documentary!