Thursday, July 23, 2009

Barley, Hops, and Bicycles in Fort Collins

Well, our final city in Colorado arrived with much anticipation-family and friends to see, beer to drink and of course the Urban Assault Ride.
We started our stay with an awesome BBQ at our hosts house to reconnect with friends (and sisters!) and to meet out teammates for UAR- the Urban Assault Ride. New Belgium Brewery sponsors the event, and was kind enough to sponsor our party in a way. . .they donated the beer!

The UAR is part scavenger hunt, part obstacle course, part race and all performed on bicycles. Teams of two race through the city streets of Fort Collins to find checkpoints where wacky challenges await them. Since the race is all about knowing your way around the city, we had three clever locals team up with us to show us the way. Thanks Kendra, Josh, and Mark! We didn’t snag first place, but it was huge fun, especially the afterparty where the three of us jousted with plungers on minibikes. Yep, you heard me right. And of course there was more free beer, and food, and raffle prizes. Don’t’ worry, Urban Assault Ride happens in cities around the country, so you can find one and get in on this action.
The next day, once fully recovered from our big competition, we took a ride over to the New Belgium Brewery to take a tour with Brian, one of the New Belgiums’s most experienced brewers. We tasted goodies like Skinny Dip, Dandelion, and Mothership; learned how grain, water, and herbs become that lovely stuff called beer; and learned about the company’s small beginnings, strong values, and connection to bicycles. The brewery gives every employee a beautiful bike on their first year anniversary of employment. They also have a fleet of cruisers waiting to transport business guests. And of course there’s Fat Tire Ale, their most popular beer with the bright red bicycle on the label.We were sad to leave the great people, beer, and bike lanes of Fort Collins, but we have a great stretch of prairie ahead of us. Here we come Nebraska!

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