Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We would like to take this moment to pay a sincere apology to our adoring fans that we have not made a blog post recently, and we will be making a whole-hearted effort to blog more regularly! That said, this last week has been GREAT! We've had trials and triumphs and some wonderful biking!
We are back on the road again, Hannah is feeling much better! In fact, that broken rib of hers doesn't seem to be slowing her down at all! She's pretty amazing, and way at the front of the pack as always!
We had a great stop in Albuquerque, where Melissa’s friends Peter, Huan and their 3 lovely children were wonderful hosts. We gave 3 presentations to children ranging in age from 6-16, at a Boys and Girls Club, and a local summer camp. It went great, the kids were super excited, and I'm pretty sure they all went home saying, "mommy, when I grow up, I want to bike EVERYWHERE!" We also had an interview with the Albuquerque Journal, and were supposedly featured in the paper over July 4th weekend. Basically... we can now consider the trip a success!
We had our first day of serious rain to cycle through this week... which was unpleasant, but we survived, despite that not-so-friendly coffee shop we had been SO looking forward to! We've also had some really wonderful biking weather mixed in, and the absolute more gorgeous scenery we've had to date!
Just before we hit Colorado, we were cycling out on the open plain when a thunderstorm started rolling in! Luckily we made it to a small town cafe just in time to escape the hail! We had a great break there, and even met our first celebrity... The Singing Cowboy of American Idol Fame!
When bad weather strikes, and there's nowhere to hide... our tarp saves us from the rain! (Thanks Mom!)

Colorado has given us some beautiful biking, scattered thunderstorms that roll past as soon as they arrive, and some absolutely amazing friendly locals! Last night we met a National Forest employee who invited us to camp at his place, we really enjoyed getting to meet his family... and especially his shower!

We're still really sad that we lost Chris due to back problems... But the trip has been going great! We are having a wonderful time, and Join The Cycle seems to really inspire people along our path!



  1. It's great to hear from you and see your pictures. Your food looks amazing - colorful and healthful. I love the jointhecycle shirts that you are wearing. I just wish more people were buying your t-shirts online!

  2. Ladies! great post!

    It's a joy to know that you all are charging forth and making it happen!

    This whole experience has been amazing and i hope to be able to ride with you all again

    Be Safe, Have fun!