Saturday, July 11, 2009

Joyful Journey

Colorado has treated us well – beautiful mountains;

 short afternoon thunderstorms that time themselves with the towns (and shelter!) we hit  - for the most part; 

another bicycle tourer who has basically lived from his bike for the last 14 years; 

kind and generous friends (thanks Deb, Todd, and Cascade!!); 

grandmothers and friends who take us in as their own; 

and amazing hot springs at the end of a 72 mile ride.  

Now we are taking our time through the mountains and excited about coming into Denver!!

A note from Joyful Journey Hot Springs:

Choose life-  

Only that  

And always

And at whatever risk.

To let life leak out

To let it wear away

By the mere passage of time

To withhold giving it and spreading it

Is to choose nothing.

-Sister Mary Corita Kent

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