Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring fever. . .maybe.

Hello all! While Casey is wheeling her bicycle through the flurries in Minneapolis, I've been enjoying sunshine and young robins here in CT. Of course, just as I was warming up to the idea of long bike rides early in the morning, the rain came.
We've had a long weekend of wet weather, so no turning pedals, but I just discovered a nice long route into the country that I'll soon explore by bike.
In the meantime, I'm cozy and dry here at the library working on a design for Join the Cycle's t-shirt. Because even though a t-shirt never goes to waste (they become sleepshirts, paintshirts, rags. . .), we really want to create a shirt that anyone would want to be seen wearing. After perusing Threadless for inspiration, I'm still chuckling from a tee that reads "I supplement my personality with witty shirts". I don't know if our shirt will be witty, but it will certainly supplement your wardrobe.

back to winter?...

A week ago I was basking in the sunshine, and really enjoying some nice long bike rides... But here in Minnesota we are back to winter it seems... So my bike will be going back in the garage for a little longer.

I'm not sure if you can see the flurries in this photo... but it sure is cold and grey looking in my backyard!

Meanwhile... at the Sibley Bike Depot: seems bright and sunny as ever.  Sibley is a community bike shop here in the Twin Cities where I volunteer, and also learn a lot about bike maintenance by taking free classes.  I'm currently in a wheel building class with about 15 students... and do you notice anything missing from this photo?... maybe some ladies?

Yep... it's a man's world out there.  And I am the only woman infiltrating this class.  

But guess who was the first to finish lacing her spokes?... Oh yes, yours truly.  Take that boys!

Broken spokes out on the open plain?... no problem!  


Friday, March 20, 2009

First Blog Post!!!

Dirty Work.

Ahhh, the clean slate of a first blog post!

Here in Minneapolis, the sun is finally shining and melting away the snow, ice, and below zero temps... And I would much rather be outside riding my bike than in here on my laptop organizing Join the Cycle, but we are falling behind schedule and there is so much to do!  Hannah has been busy as a bee designing up all our stellar print material, and I have finally figured out the complex banking issues. (treasurer by default I guess!)  So now if you'd like to donate money to help get our wheels spinning, you can write a check out right to Join the Cycle!

Now we both need to get cracking on sponsorship requests, along with tons of other organizational projects.  

Some days, I think we are both totally nuts... but then I remember that Hannah and I can accomplish just about anything if we work together and pool our resources... We're both smart girls!


Here we are working on one of our last endeavors: Aiding with an historical reproduction on a Mural in Embrun, France.