Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dynamic Denver

Wow, the last week has flown by! We have been so busy here in Colorado, but everything has been so much fun! All this excitement in the Denver/Fort Collins area started at a little hot dog stand in the middle of the mountains.... where we ran into the nicest people from Littleton who took us in off the street for a delicious meal and shower, and turned out to be a great help with networking for our trip!

When we got to their house, we found out they live right next to Columbine High School, so we had to take a short detour to visit the memorial and pay our respects.

After that it was only a short ride to Denver where the non-stop action began, and hasn't cooled down until today! We spent a long afternoon with our new sugar-daddy... Mark, a representative for Keen shoes. It was so amazing: apparently Keen likes what we're doing enough to give us all new cycling shoes, and help us spread our message that biking is fun and healthy through their website! We are really looking forward to working with them more, and hoping to generate a lot more buzz for Join the Cycle through our connection with them! Go Keen!
After that, it was off to the Denver Cruisers: a weekly costumed pub-crawl-slash-humongous-group-ride! Hundreds of people participate, and the event is tons of fun... this weeks costume theme is saints and sinners (if you can't tell by these ladies' costumes!)
But the main event in Denver was our meeting with the Park Hill Bike Depot, a new community Bike shop in the Denver area that's working hard to get bikes out to people who need them... and doing a great job! We had a nice tour of their facilities, and got to fix up our own bikes as well. With over 1,000 miles under our belts at this point... we could use a little tune-up!We are headed out of Colorado soon, and I'd really like to take this moment to send out a huge THANK YOU! to all the wonderful people here who've helped us out along the way. CO has turned out to be full of the friendliest and most welcoming people we've met along the way, and we're honestly a bit sad to be heading out of this beautiful state!


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  1. WOW! It's amazing how many cool, unexpected things y'all have run into on your trip. And only a third of the way into it...how exciting to think of all the possibilities to come!

    I'm not quite sure what a cycling shoe is, but went to Keen's website and love love love so many of their shoes. We need a pic of what you got, you lucky ducks! I'm a shoe lover...

    And what a funny group of people on their bikes in costumes? Gotta love the creativity.