Monday, April 27, 2009

RAWking Foods without the processing!

Never in a million years would i have thought I'd be taking perfectly good cashews,almonds,sunflower seeds and turning them into AMAZING! raw food dishes.

The Almond milk was so simple i felt silly! It was a great tasting supplement to use over your cereal. If you add a little Agave Nectar then you don't even need sugar.

Next we have one of my favorites, Jalapeno cheese. It's made with soaked cashews,fresh jalapenos, seasonings,etc and is actually fermented.

This was all thanks to Erica Albanese of, She's fun,knowledgeable and passionate about raw foods. She makes it easy and understandable, I even watched her create a pretty amazing cheesecake!

I may still enjoy my meats and overall cooked foods but I'm looking forward to incorporating more of these types of foods into my diet.

It really makes you look at how our foods are processed, I believe it's not the meat itself as much as the way we mass produce/consume it.

Stay tuned! Please pledge and Join the Cycle!

~Chris Donnelly


  1. Sounds awesome! I've been dreaming up a raw energy bar to make and take on the road-dried fruits, nuts and seeds, coconut, all of those good things-if all goes well we'll be noshing on 'em as we peddle!

  2. Can't wait! sounds good! always loved a trail mix! we'll need it! hahah