Friday, April 17, 2009

The busy, busy bakery!

If I haven't blogged much so far, it because I've been whisking, cracking, mixing, slicing, baking and frosting at top speed. 
I work at Dee's One Smart Cookie, a gluten-free, dairy-free bakery in Connecticut. For those of you familiar with gluten-free baked goods, you are probably familiar with dense bricks of so-called "bread" and crumbly, cardboard cookies. Here at Dee's One Smart cookie bread tastes like bread; cookies like chewy, chunky cookies; and cupcakes just like childhood. So I suppose its no wonder that people are driving in from all over New England and beyond to get their gluten-free fix. 
However, we truly can't bake fast enough for the demand. Lines form out the door, bread is handed over still oven hot and sells out early in the morning. Cupcakes fly out of the shop by the dozen. Easter weekend nearly ended us bakers (hint: the office became "the nap room" and baking lasted all night).
While its exciting to be part of this gluten-free circus, I don't have much time for anything else! My bike training so far has been confined to the gym, but I've been sneaking out on really nice afternoons for a quick jaunt in the outdoors.
Speaking of which, I'm still at the bakery after a long day! 


  1. Those look Delicious! :)

    And i'm detoxing now prepping for the trip. You just destroyed my world. thanks.. hahahah

    Now a want a cupcake! ;)

  2. Oh, you'll get to try some of the goodies from the bakery during the ride. We'll get shipments to our location from time to time!

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