Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cycling in Wyoming

Many Wyomingites are not fazed by the snow
I recently became part of the Join the Cycle team, and have been super excited about the trip and the mission. I have been getting out on my bike whenever possible. Last week, true to Wyoming springs, we got over a foot of snow. Even though this storm closed the roads leading out of town, it did not stop me from riding my bike. Instead of a ride out of town, I made loops in town. Cycle on!
~ melissa
Lots of April snow, but now it's melting fast


  1. Crazy woman! Good for you, though. Can't wait the goings-on each day of your trip. Glad y'all made this site for us...

  2. Meant to say "can't wait to read..." My head's not on straignt.