Sunday, June 7, 2009

Supporting the L.A River Ride

We volunteered at the L.A River Ride today, The event is put on by the The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC). Myself and Casey helped out with providing energy and water for the estimated 1800 cyclist riding the different lengths of the route.

Steve Itano was our SAG coordinator, Everything was laid out just right. Steve's a riot and helped make the experience enjoyable. We had Recycling deposits and even compost containers so nothing would go to waste!

The Guys from the Bike Oven and Flying Pigeon Bicycles were next to us providing the technical support for the many bikes that needed anything from a Flat fix to a broken component.
These guys helped me out by fixing a shifting issue my ride was having..just another day for a group of A-list mechanics.

Hannah and Melissa were at another SAG stop helping out, We can't wait to meet back up and trade stories of the interesting people we met. Please support your local bike shops and cycling clubs a little can go along way in helping yourself,others and the environment.

P.s - Rode past the new Captain Kirk (Chris Pike) on the way to our assigned outpost. I wanted to yell something like "live long and prosper" but that's just ridiculous and not me so i gave him the head nod and kept pedaling...Good! the new filter is working!

~ Star Date 0-6-07-09 Chris's Log ....Energize! (Don't Judge Me!)

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