Saturday, June 13, 2009

Living Green in California

Our first week has passed, and we've already met a huge number of notable characters who care a great deal about cycling, adventure, and our earth. In California we were hosted by two very generous, very interesting communities that have created environmentally sound living space in cities.

Los Angeles Eco-Village

The Eco-Village provided us with an apartment to stay in during our time in L.A. The community lives in two buildings on a quiet street in Koreatown, and are immediately recognizable by the overflowing gardens at the entrance. The Eco-Village makes use of all of the free, accessible natural resources on the property. The courtyard house gardens, fruit trees, chickens, a composting area, and clotheslines.
The Eco-Village is a very friendly, welcoming community that we were happy to connect with. Many of the residents use bicycles as their main mode of transportation-and many of them spent the time to ride with us and show us around the city. Our thanks to all of the villagers!

Regen is an intentional community located in four houses in a quiet neighborhood of Pomona. The coop's mission is to create an environmentally-respectful community that embraces diversity and practices equality. We were treated to a great tour of each of the houses, which use solar panels to offset electricity use and a greywater system to feed the thriving vegetable, fruit, and herb gardens that surround the properties. A potluck style dinner is held by the community most nights of the week, and we got to chat cycling with most of the house members. We all slept well after our first day of riding in under their roof. Thank you Regen, keep growing!

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