Friday, June 19, 2009

The desert and my Imagination narrated by Morgan Freeman

I'm starting to know where the sidewalk ends and where the wild things are..only thing i'm missing is my full body pajamas's with the slippery feet...
Trying to express the experience and scenery is something I'm having difficulty with,The Desert colors, the cool breezes that are quickly replaced with daunting gusts of momentum-stopping,skin-drying,who-do-you-think-you-are?-out-here-in-the-desert-riding-a-bicycle winds! We're constantly reminded by the locals that it's unseasonably cool right now (Niiiiice, it's cool..i have no feelings, make me feel like a baby, Awesome! ;)
While shaking my fist at the hills, it's something of a treasure to actually hit the crest, coast down and enjoy the same gravity that broke you like a circus horse going up.
Top of a nasty Incline near Amboy,Ca and before
THE SWEETEST downhill ever! It's a bird it's a plane, oh no...
it's big chris running out of gears!

Here's a great Mechanic (Mike) in Yucca Valley @ Ye Valley Bicycles that helped "Jezebel" (Yeah! that's my bikes name! the no good temptress!) And The Kraken (Me). He was from the Seattle area and in a band called the comb-overs, Great Mechanic! Great guy!

Let's talk again soon! Don't Judge me! it's the sun's fault! Catch you on the Flip side!


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