Saturday, September 12, 2009

Round on the ends and high in the middle

It’s been intimidating to write a blog for Ohio because there are sooo many people to thank and we don’t want to forget anyone.
Ohio (our 10th state!) was very good to us. Our first night there I thought Hannah was getting pulled over

but turns out it was a generous city worker/firefighter who invited us into his home after seeing us pulled over on the side of the road trying to find a place to stay. Thanks Mark and Sue!

Then on a bike trail we stopped in a little shop in Lindsey to use the restroom, and they gave us lots of free snacks for the road. Mmmm. Thanks Sandi’s Village Café!

And then there was Sandusky. Way back in Arizona we met this guy, Don, at a rest stop who was excited about our trip because his brother had done a lot of long distance bike touring. Don gave us his contact info in case we came through the area he lived – Sandusky, OH. So we gave him a call when we realized we would be going through there and that he lived in the town with the biggest roller coaster park in the U.S.! Unfortunately, Don was not in town when we arrived, but this amazing man called up his friends and helped us get routing information for the area AND found someone else who would host us. You’re great Don!
Don’s friend, Mary Jane, took us in for a couple of nights and was wonderful! Thanks so much Mary Jane!! She also happened to volunteer with the local Boys and Girls club, so we went with her to help fix lunch and give a presentation to the kids. Great fun!

After going to the Boys and Girls Club we went to the roller coaster park, Cedar Point. A friend of Casey had told us about this park early on, and since we all love roller coasters, we had been looking forward to this stop for many weeks. It would be our one big splurge of our tight-budgeted trip. And it totally lived up to all the hype. We spent 8 hours rolling, spinning, being launched and dropped. Oh so much fun! The only ride we do NOT recommend is the Mean Streak – a wooden roller coaster that jostled us so hard we think Hannah may have gotten another minor concussion. ☹ Until that point, though, we had a blast!

As we were cycling out of Sandusky a man pulled over on the side of the road and said he had heard about us from his friend Don! He has done some touring on a high-wheel. It was fun to hear his stories, and he also gave us some maps to help us on our routes. Thanks Dick!

to be continued…


  1. Yay! I love Cedar Point...I need to go back...

  2. Just checked out your map and you're only 40 miles outside of Boston! Can you believe it?!