Friday, September 4, 2009

Another news roundup, and info on the NYC to Boston ride!

Hello all,
We've re-entered hills after a long break in the plains, Pennsylvania is showing us who's boss! But more on that later, here are some fun links to folks that we've met along the way:

I Knit you Knot and Weaverknits are two lovely gals that can knit anything you can dream of, including a cute bicycle-inspired hat that I modeled and will be sporting this winter! Thanks guys!

Matt Haze, "The Ryan Seacrest of online business media" found us in Cleveland and interviewed us for a video about Join the Cycle. Fun!

Bike Commuters blogger Elizabeth met up with us in Chicago and interviewed us at our meet & greet in the Lincoln Park REI. Her blog is an awesome blog/online resource for any cyclist.

And in other news, we're getting close to the coast! We've just weeks to go and its time for all of you good folks out there to consider riding with us from New York City to Boston! This will be a fun group ride departing on September 19th and ending on September 25th, with a great finale party in store!. Its going to be lots of fun and not too hard so check it out!


  1. Do U no u got mentioned in "Bike Bits" internet posting that Adventure Cycling does? From UR guide Bruce(on the banks of the Mississippi)

  2. Hi Guys,
    Funny enough, I saw that "Bit" about your travels on "Bike Bits." Awesome! I see your passing through nyc. Are you doing a presention anywhere? Food gathering? Interested in a Central Park ride through? Wish I could join you for the final leg to Boston, but that darn thing called my job has got me grounded...for now :-)