Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring fever. . .maybe.

Hello all! While Casey is wheeling her bicycle through the flurries in Minneapolis, I've been enjoying sunshine and young robins here in CT. Of course, just as I was warming up to the idea of long bike rides early in the morning, the rain came.
We've had a long weekend of wet weather, so no turning pedals, but I just discovered a nice long route into the country that I'll soon explore by bike.
In the meantime, I'm cozy and dry here at the library working on a design for Join the Cycle's t-shirt. Because even though a t-shirt never goes to waste (they become sleepshirts, paintshirts, rags. . .), we really want to create a shirt that anyone would want to be seen wearing. After perusing Threadless for inspiration, I'm still chuckling from a tee that reads "I supplement my personality with witty shirts". I don't know if our shirt will be witty, but it will certainly supplement your wardrobe.

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