Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh Me Oh My Oh

If you've checked out our web page, you'll see that WE MADE IT TO BOSTON!!!! Woo hoo! And what a great trip it was!

We got a bit behind on our blogs, but we want to share some of the stories from the rest of our trip. So here are some flashbacks.
The rest of Ohio was awesome! Sooo many wonderful people there. In Lorain, a woman stopped us on the side of the road and invited us for a free meal at her restaurant (even though it was not open hours)! If you're anywhere near Lorain, OH, go see Phyllis at Fabyan's !

Then the wonderful Kelleys took us in after we asked them for directions. Mary Clare Kelley taught second graders, so the next morning we stopped by her school on our way to Cleveland and gave a presentation to her class. What a fun and attentive class!

We had a great time in Cleveland with our host Elizabeth (who had one of the most beautiful apartments ever!), and going to the local food co-op , talking with people about bicycling and our trip.

It's a nice co-op with a good group of workers and volunteers. Go check it out for another way to make ties with the community while being healthy and environmentally friendly!

After Cleveland we got royal treatment, staying with some of Hannah's family and then a friend of a friend. Wow, thanks Mary and Hamilton and Frank! I particularly appreciated the magnificent reception, as I was fighting a cold at the time.

Our last night in Ohio was one of the very few we camped out in that state (because of so many generous people). That chilly night we realized that fall was indeed on its way. (Nice wool socks, Hannah!)

Before heading into Pennsylvania, we decided to take a ride to West Virginia, which was too close to pass up - our 11th state!


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