Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hey! A Join the Cycle news roundup!

So we're crossing the mighty mississippi this morning, very exciting, and we're also sharing some of the awesome coverage we've had on the internet and other places. . .

We Are ZINKs gave us a nice post on their travel blog. The ZINKs (zero income, no kids) are fellow travelers who are exploring the United States, learning and writing along the way. A great blog to follow!

Keen Footwear posted an interview we had with the companies awesome Rocky Mountain Rep, Mark. We met up with Mark in Denver and have been riding with sweet keen cycling shoes ever since!

Photographer Tim D'Antonio was at the Fort Collins Urban Assault Ride and has a great portfolio of photos from the event. Check us out on the big wheels!

We've been in newspapers all over! Check out our website's press page for a press release detailing our trip as well as articles that have been published by local papers about us. We're uploading them as fast as we can!

And on another note, we still have t-shirts left in each size so if you haven't purchased your awesome, organic cotton Join the Cycle t-shirt yet, fear not!


  1. Was good to ride with you. If u can let me no how u found the rest of Hennepin and then the I&M canal. Bruce

  2. Can I order a T-shirt while you're still on the road? Do you have a sizing chart? (I know it's a lot to ask!)

    Hi Hannah!

  3. You can certainly order a shirt while we're on the road! The t-shirts are American Apparel, and the women's sized run a bit on the small side.

    I miss you, by the way!

  4. I loved reading these! BTW, I just zoomed out on the map to see where you are in the whole scope of things and WOW, you've gone a long way! Can't believe you crazy kids. You're awesome!